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 Dr. Maria Coulombe ND has a special interest in healing the gut with specialized SIBO testing. Remove offending agents that may be affecting gut health by assessing food sensitivities and digestive stool analysis if needed. Repair by incorporating supplements and foods, herbs  that repair the gut lining. Reinoculating by restoring the microbiome which is often depleted by antibiotics and overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria that feed on sugar and processed foods. Finally Replace with the essential components for digestive health such as prebiotics. Not only are we as healthy as our digestion but finally Relaxing through mindfulness meditation daily to reduce stress that disrupts the bodies innate ability to assimilate our nutrition.



Six Principles of Naturopathy

The Healing Power of Nature

Trusting in the body's inherent healing wisdom

Identify and Treat the root cause

Looking at underlying cause rather than focused on symptoms

First Do No harm

Utilizing the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies

Doctor as teacher

Educate patients on achieving and maintaining health

Treat the whole person

View the integration of body and mind and spirit.


Focus on wellness and disease prevention


Naturopathic Medicine may be helpful for any of the following conditions

-Gut health

-Weight management

-Chronic illness

-Immune health

-Digestive health

-Sleep issues

-Pain management



Laboratory Testing: SIBO testing  GI maps and DUTCH hormone test is offered to investigate digestive symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome or energy levels that could be worsened by certain foods as well as get to the root causes of inflammation in joints. Digestive stool analysis to provide insight into gut health is also offered to determine if there is small intestinal overgrowth or parasites. Additionally, patient lab assessment panels for healthy living is offered which includes the following: Nutrient assessment, thyroid, inflammation, metabolic syndrome assessment, lipid assessment, methylation assessment, autoimmine assessment, hormone, fatigue, liver/digestion.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling  is provided to individualize a diet plan to address common symptoms such as low energy, bloating, weight gain, mood changes, pain, skin eruptions, migraines, sleeplessness. Food sensitivity testing is offered to ascertain the patients reactivity to foods that may be causing their symptoms. Digestive stool analysis can also be ordered to determine causes bloating or other digestive complaints. Dietary recommendations are made such as intermittent fasting or paleo diet depending on the individuals specific health needs. Stress plays a big role in wellness and mindfulness meditation and thought journals as well as the importance of exercise and positive thinking in our lives is discussed.


Acupuncture is a therapeutic modality using tiny needles that are inserted into meridian points in the body that correspond to various organ function to restore the flow of Qi ( energy) in the body that has been disrupted from illness and stress. Acupuncture stimulates healing and removes the blockage to the flow of energy. 


Cupping and Massage  Offered for patients with pain in muscle tissue to improve circulation, relieve pain, improve lymphatic drainage


Botanical Medicine Tinctures customized by local company comprises of herbs, teas or capsules used to address various health conditions from hormone, cold and flu, digestion, immunity, because herbs possess anti-microbial, vulnerably, demulcent, anti-inflammatory properties. The interaction between herbs and medicine is researched by the Naturopathic doctor because of herbs strain potency.


Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine that is based on the principle of like heals like and that very dilute amounts of substances from plants, animals or mineral gently stimulate and restore balance. An individualized intake is done to determine the appropriate remedy for the patient.


Spinal Manipulation to realign the spine and alleviate tightness and pain.


Physical Medicine to assess structural or tissue injury and recommend exercises or further testing.

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